​​Gentofte Hospital strives to answer all inquiries as correctly and promptly as possible.​

Gentofte Hospital
Gentofte Hospitalsvej 1
2900​​ Hellerup​​​​​

​Telefon: +45 38 67 38 67​​​​

Write ​to us​

If your enquiry contains sensitive personal information, such as your civil registration number (cpr number) or information about your health or illness, please write to us via a secure connection.​ ​

For citizens and patients​​

Write securely to the administration of Gentofte Hospital via the website Min Sundhedsplatform if you are registered as a patient at the hospital (log in with MitID)

​​Write se​cur​ely to the ad​ministration of Gentofte Hospital with Digital Post via borger.dk (log in with MitID)​​

If you have general questions, you can write a message to the administration of Gentofte Hospital (do not send sensitive and confidential personal information)

Inquiries from foreign countries which contain personal information, please con​tact us by letter or contact the department for further information on which digital solution they use.

​For businesses and public authorities

Authorities can write to us securely via:

​Businesses can write to us securely via:​

 If you are in doubt about which solution to use, please contact your IT department. 

Get technical support when using borger.dk

If you get technical problems when using Digital Post at borger.dk or e-boks.dk, you can call the hotline at e-Boks +45 82 30 32 30. If you have problems logging in with your MitID, you can call hotline +45 72 24 70 50.

Get technical support when using virk.dk

If you get technical problems when using Digital Post at virk.dk, you can call hotline +45 72 20 00 30.


Write to the the department of ec​onomy, if you need an EAN/GLN number.​

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