About copying, sharing and quoting from this website​

​Share functions and quotes

Of course, sharing contents via the share functions available on the website is permitted. And you may also quote content from the website in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Copyright Act on good quoting practices.

If you refer to content from our website on a web medium, we consider it good quoting practice to also insert a link to the original content.

Content on this website, including text, photos, graphics and films is protected by the Danish Copyright Act.

  • Text, graphics and films may not be brought into any other context without source reference.

  • Photos may not be brought into any other contexts without prior agreement or source reference. However, the press photos available on the website are exempt from this rule.

  • Logos and other design elements may not be used without prior agreement.

​Presentation of content in frame

It is not permitted to present content on the website in frames on other websites without prior written agreement.​

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