Tuberculin-test (Mantoux)

Information about Tuberculing-test and precautions.

What is a Tuberculin test?

Tuberculin test (Mantoux) is a skin test that shows whether you have antibodies against tuberculosis. 

You can have antibodies against tuberculosis without being sick, or if you are vaccinated against tuberculosis. 

Therefore we ask you to disclose any previous tuberculosis (Calmette / BCG) vaccination.The vaccination takes place at Lungemedicinsk klinik. For adress, please see below.

The test

You will receive a small injection just under the skin on the upper side of your left arm. You will briefly feel a sting when injected.

After the test

Following the injection a small white blister will immediately appear, which disappears in about. 10 minutes. After 1-2 days there may be a bumpy red swelling, accompanied by soreness and itching, as with a mosquito bite. But perhaps nothing will happen.

You may wash yourself with soap and bathe as usual.

You should avoid scratching if there is itching and swelling. The test area must not be covered with a plaster.

The results

The results of the test must be determined at the Lungesygdomme, klinik 2 (Pulmonary Medicine Clinic) approx. 3 days after it is administered.