Skin prick test

Skin prick tests are used to check if certain substances are causing your allergy.

What is a skin prick test?

Skin prick tests are used to check if certain substances such as pollen, pets, or food are causing your allergy.

During a skin prick test, we place a few drops of the test substance on your forearm. Then, we poke a small metal spike (a lancet) through the drops, forcing some of the substance into the upper layer of your skin. Although you will be able to feel the prick, the pain is negligible to most people.

If you are allergic to the substance, your skin will become red and swollen and itching. Usually, the reaction emerges within approx. 15 minutes and resembles a mosquito bite, and disappears again within one hour. We mark the size of the allergic reaction with a pen.

The test duration is approx. 30 minutes.


In the two weeks prior to the skin prick test, you should avoid applying moisturizers or ointments with corticosteroids to your forearms.

Avoid taking antihistamines (antipruritic drugs) four days prior to your test appointment.

Do not apply moisturizer to your forearms on the day of the skin prick test.

Please inform your physician or the clinic if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

If you, 14 days prior to your test, have been treated with prednisolone, either orally or by injection,  please call to inform us prior to your appointment.

What happens after the skin prick test?

After the skin prick test, you are invited to an explanatory talk with your physician. In rare cases, an allergic skin reaction may emerge at a later stage. If so, please contact the clinic on the phone number mentioned below.

Meeting points

Upon arrival, please report to the dermatology clinic (Hudsygdomme, klinik 1) Gentofte Hospitalsvej 15, ground floor.

The actual testing is performed at the allergy testing clinic (Kontaktallergi, klinik 1) Gentofte Hospitalsvej 15, 2nd floor.

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Skin prick test:

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