Lavage (gastric irrigation)

A gastric lavage examination is used to examine for tuberculosis.

What is a gastric lavage?

Gastric lavage is an examination of stomach contents. 

The examination is used if you are unable to cough up phlegm. The objective is to examine you for tuberculosis.The examination takes place at Lungemedicinsk klinik. For adress, please see below.

Usually, the examination is carried out three times on three different days.

Before the examination

You should abstain from eating and drinking after midnight the previous day. This includes any kinds of medication.

The examination

The examination takes approx. 15 to 30 minutes. During the examination, you sit on a chair or are in bed. A nurse inserts a long thin plastic tube down into the stomach through your mouth or nose. Stomach contents are extracted through the plastictube and sent for analysis. 

The examination is not painful, but can be somewhat unpleasant. 

You can breathe normally throughout the examination.