After Stitches

After you have been stitched, you ought to take care of your wound.

Today, ____day, the ___/___ you have had __________ stitches on the ____________________________

Please note that the stitches should be removed on the ______ day by your local GP/doctor.

If you have a plaster/bandage on the wound, you must make sure to keep it clean and dry. Please change the dressing if it gets wet. Dampness may increase the risk of infection.

Signs of infection

  • warmth, redness, swelling and pain to the area
  • increased throbbing
  • malodorous smell
  • red stripe exceeding from the wound
  • fever

If you have any signs of infection you should contact your local GP/Doctor.

Guidelines after being stitched

  • You may shower after 24 hours.
  • Pat the wound dry.
  • Avoid swimming whilst you have stitches.
  • Protect the wound by restricting your activities so as to prevent it from reopening.
  • Do not scratch.
  • Do not use lotions/creams on the areas, that has been stitched.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the scar for the first 6-12 months as this will affect the scar tissue. Cover with a plaster or a high factor sun cream.
  • If the wound is on your hands, you should not work with or handle food products until the stitches have been removed.