Global Excellence

​The aim of Global Excellence in Health in the Capital Region of Denmark is to promote and support skilled, internationally outstanding professional environments

​At Herlev & Gentofte Hospital we are proud to present our 5 Winners of Global  Excellence awards

The winners perform first-rate international research leading to the development and implementation of pioneering healthcare services, treatment methods and products for the benefit of patients. Each winner was granted EUR 200,000. 

In 2014 Centre for Diabetes Research won a Global Excellence award for their new approach to diabetes research.

In 2013 Centre for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT) ​ won a Global Excellence award for their work in immunological cancer therapy

In 2011 Department of Clinical Biochemistry won a Global Excellence award for its internationally recognised for conducting the world's biggest study of the general population

In 2011 Cardiovascular Reserach Center won a Global Excellence award for its forefront development and improvement of treatment for cariovascular diseases

In 2010 Danish Allergy Centre in the Department of Dermotology and Allergology won Global Excellence award for its strong international position in allergy research​