Danish Diabetes Academy Symposium

​Update on Metformin: Still the Gold Standard? 
23 November 2015, Gentofte Hospital, Copenhagen.
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​15:00-16:00 ​Coffee and registration
Moderators: Professor Jørgen Rungby & Professor Tina Vilsbøll,
Gentofte Hospital, Denmark
Session 1 Background
16:00-16:25 “The history of metformin”
by Professor Peter Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden
Session 2 Understanding metformin
16:25-16:50 “Pharmacogenetics”
by Professor Kim Brøsen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
16:50-17:30 “Metformin: Targets, distribution and transporters”
by Associate Professor Niels Jessen, Aarhus University, Denmark
17:30-17:40 “Is the effect of metformin on postprandial
glucose excursions GLP-1-dependent?”
by medical student Emilie Bahne, Gentofte Hospital, Denmark
17:40-17:55 Break
Session 3 Metformin and cardiovascular disease
17:55-18:20 “The epidemiology of metformin initiation and intensification”
by Associate Professor Reimar Thomsen,
University of Aarhus, Denmark
18:20-18:50 “Cardiovascular effects of metformin, evidence from
preclinical and clinical trials”
by Professor Niels Riksen, Radboud University Medical Centre,
The Netherlands
18:50-19:05 “Should we continue metformin during insulin treatment in type 2 – or add to type 1 patients?”
by Chief Physician Thomas Almdal, Gentofte Hospital, Denmark
19:05-19:25 Break
Session 3 Metformin and the Kidneys
19:25-19:45 “Lactate and metformin, fact, fiction and recommendations”
by Professor Henning Beck Nielsen, Odense University Hospital
& Danish Diabetes Academy, Denmark
19:45-20:30 “Don’t stop metformin, recent guidelines from ERA-EDTA, pro et contra”
Professor Bo Feldt-Rasmussen, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
(CONTRA) VS Professor Sten Madsbad, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark (PRO)
20:30-21:45 Buffet